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Japanese Friendship Garden Art Installation

A note from the artist, Kristi Lin:

I wanted to reach out and invite you to my art installation Borrowed Scenery, which is now on view at the Japanese Friendship Garden. You can view it in-person or join me for a virtual walkthrough and conversation about the piece on zoom this Saturday 2/20 4-5pm. I received a Civil LIberties Artist Fellowship from the AjA Project (a San Diego-based community arts organization) back in November. The Fellowship is rooted in studying the WWII incarceration of Japanese Americans and it's present day connections to civil liberties issues, culture, and identity. Two other artists and I studied the WWII Japanese American history deeply and each created exhibitions which you can read about here. For my exhibition, I decided to reflect on the ways that I see the Japanese American community changing today and my own multicultural identity.

Click here for more info about the piece, and a button to register for the Zoom walkthrough on Saturday.


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