Junior Board Members

Alexis Kozminski

Alexis Kozminski is a founding member of the San Diego JACL Junior Board. She graduated from San Pasqual High School in 2020 and, at seventeen years old, is a first-year student at Palomar College. She plans to pursue a major in Neuroscience and a career in research or the medical field.


Alexis' mother immigrated from Japan and is the founder of Kokugo Gakuen, a non-profit Japanese language school, which Alexis attended for eight years to study the Japanese language and culture. Outside of school, Alexis is also part of the Kaiser Permanente Volunteer Program, currently assisting at COVID-19 vaccination centers. 


Noah Kurima

Noah Kurima is currently a student in the Class of 2022 at Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad. He is a founding member of the San Diego JACL Junior Board and has been active in the chapter since he was in elementary school, attending and volunteering at numerous community picnics and at the annual Never Forget gala.

Noah is a 2021 Reischauer Scholar in Stanford University's SPICE program (Stanford Program on International and Cross Cultural Education) and is a published writer in the San Diego Union-Tribune. He has studied and volunteered at Japanese school on Saturdays since first grade. He is fifth generation Japanese American on his father's side and fourth generation Korean Japanese (zainichi) on his mother's side.