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Advancing Awareness and Education
- City of San Diego apologizes for supporting incarceration of Japanese citizens and residents (Sept. 21, 2022)
- Michael Kurima, Opinion: My Japanese American father faced many hardships, but he chose to keep moving forward, S.D. Union Trib. (June 19, 2022), available at
- SDJACL Statement Regarding San Dieguito Union HS District Board Remarks at its Apr. 2022 DEI Training Session​ (Apr. 21, 2022)
- Noah Kurima, Opinion: Standing on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building, I learned this lesson, S.D. Union Trib. (Oct. 15, 2021), available at
SDJACL Statement Regarding the Protection of Racist Speech by the University of San Diego (May 11, 2021)
- Noah Kurima, Opinion: Learning about my ancestors made me understand the challenges many Asians face in this country, S.D. Union Trib. (Mar. 29, 2021), available at
- Michael Kurima, Opinion: Three children told me and my son to ‘go back to China.’ Here’s how I reacted., S.D. Union Trib. (Mar. 26, 2021), available at
- Michael Kurima, Opinion: In the fight against anti-Asian policies and racism, Fred Korematsu is a name we all should know, S.D. Union Trib. (Mar. 4, 2021), available at
- SDJACL Comments on the Re-Establishment of the County of San Diego Human Relations Commission (May 18, 2020)
- The Power of Words Handbook (2012 Edition)
- Robert Ito, Pearl Harbor Day | A view from an American of Japanese Descent, S.D. Union Trib. (Dec. 7, 1999), available at
Legal Advocacy
Pacific Citizen,

The Pacific Citizen is an award-winning Asian Pacific American semi-monthly newspaper with a distribution of 30,000 throughout the United States and Japan. The Web version of the Pacific Citizen goes where print cannot — delivering streaming audio and video, music and film clips and late-breaking news.

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