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Advancing Awareness and Education
*** Japanese American World War II Veterans Memorial at Miramar National Cemetery ***

- Michael Kurima, Opinion: Japanese American trauma during World War II remains too much to bear, S.D. Union Trib. (Jan 27, 2023), available at

City of San Diego apologizes for supporting incarceration of Japanese citizens and residents (Sept. 21, 2022)
- Michael Kurima, Opinion: My Japanese American father faced many hardships, but he chose to keep moving forward, S.D. Union Trib. (June 19, 2022), available at
- SDJACL Statement Regarding San Dieguito Union HS District Board Remarks at its Apr. 2022 DEI Training Session​ (Apr. 21, 2022)
- Noah Kurima, Opinion: Standing on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building, I learned this lesson, S.D. Union Trib. (Oct. 15, 2021), available at
SDJACL Statement Regarding the Protection of Racist Speech by the University of San Diego (May 11, 2021)
- Noah Kurima, Opinion: Learning about my ancestors made me understand the challenges many Asians face in this country, S.D. Union Trib. (Mar. 29, 2021), available at
- Michael Kurima, Opinion: Three children told me and my son to ‘go back to China.’ Here’s how I reacted., S.D. Union Trib. (Mar. 26, 2021), available at
- Michael Kurima, Opinion: In the fight against anti-Asian policies and racism, Fred Korematsu is a name we all should know, S.D. Union Trib. (Mar. 4, 2021), available at
- SDJACL Comments on the Re-Establishment of the County of San Diego Human Relations Commission (May 18, 2020)
- The Power of Words Handbook (2012 Edition)

- Robert Ito, Pearl Harbor Day | A view from an American of Japanese Descent, S.D. Union Trib. (Dec. 7, 1999), available at
Legal Advocacy
Pacific Citizen,

The Pacific Citizen is an award-winning Asian Pacific American semi-monthly newspaper with a distribution of 30,000 throughout the United States and Japan. The Web version of the Pacific Citizen goes where print cannot — delivering streaming audio and video, music and film clips and late-breaking news.

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