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Join JABA's Annual Open House Event; Thursday, January 23rd

JABA presents its annual "Open House" event, welcoming our members (and non-members) across the U.S. to join the JABA Board, Committee members, and members at large as we kick off the new year! What is the JABA "Open House"? It's a national Happy Hour that happens in 8 locations simultaneously and gives our nationwide JABA members a chance to meet JABA members in your neighborhood. If you've always wondered what JABA is all about or want to find out how you can get more involved in JABA, this event is for you! If you haven't been to a JABA event in awhile and just want to see old friends or meet some new ones, this event is also for you! Or if you just want free food and drinks, this event is for you! (yes, free food and one drink for all attendees!).

Location: Salt & Whiskey, 311 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

RSVP: Lynn Whitcher (JABA Board Member) and Taryn Perez (JABA SD Committee Co-Chair) -

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