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Senator Kennedy’s Attempt to Draw Parallels to Japanese American Incarceration is Outlandish

Washington, DC - Senator Kennedy of Louisiana was quoted as comparing current House impeachment proceedings to the lack of due process leading up to the mass incarceration of nearly 120,000 people of Japanese heritage during World War II. This comparison is incredibly inappropriate and offensive. President Trump has an opportunity, with a possible Senate trial, to plead his case and seek exoneration; something that was not offered to our community.

During World War II those of Japanese descent were uprooted from their homes, stripped of their possessions except for what could be packed in a single suitcase, and forcibly moved to remote concentration camps. This was all done solely because of their race and with no proof or evidence of military necessity.

The President’s actions are being scrutinized under proceedings that follow due process of the law. Until he is similarly removed from his home and imprisoned in a concentration camp with no evidence of commission of a crime, it is outlandish to draw parallels to the Japanese American experience.

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