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San Diego JACL 2015 Otsukimi

Enjoy the beauty of the fall moon by the Yokohama Friendship Bell.  'Otsukimi' is a traditional Japanese full moon viewing, usually taking place in the autumn.  Parking is not close, so enjoy the walk on beautiful Shelter Island.  Bring a chair or blanket.  Koto, shakuhachi, sanshin, Japanese chorus, poetry reading by Rae Armantrout, awarded 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, National Book Critics Circle Award.  Telescopes by the San Diego Astronomy Association.  Come early, bring a kite to fly in the afternoon if you like. 


Attendance is free and we welcome all who are interested in the event!  We do ask that event participants make an optional charitable contribution to JACL in the form of a donation of $10 per attendee.  Participants who make this donation online,  receive the Otsukimi package, which includes cold soba buckwheat noodles, a light snack, e.g. rice crackers, and hot tea or water.  Children ages (5-12) and JACL members are eligible for this package at a donation amount of $5 per attendee.


Additional dinner bento box is also available on a pre-order basis for $12 (choose salmon or chicken).  All pre-sale items are available for purchase below.


Additional items will be available for sale on-site only:

  • Soba noodles $5.00

  • Tsukimi Dango $5.00 (pack of 4)

  • Assorted Water and snacks


Event and vendor proceeds go to supporting the JACL’s youth programs and funding future events.  


For event meal purchases, please click on the "Meal Purchasing" button below which will take you to the SD JACL Donations and Event Purchasing page.

For questions about this event, please contact Mits Tomita at

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